Evaluator Complaints

These are some real-life examples of complaints and feedback by tender bid evaluators. Make sure you address these points to give your company the best chance of making it through the process.

  • The author did not follow the instructions
  • The proposal contains no compliance matrix. As a result, evaluators spend a lot of time trying to figure out whether the response is actually compliant
  • Emphasis is placed on the `wrong’ portion of the tender document (failure to understand the award criteria)
  • Lack of meaningful proposal themes. No story is told to the evaluator
  • Poorly structured response, illogical table of contents, and misuse of appendices
  • Differentiators are not used or are unclear
  • Many requirements not addressed at all (Silence on the statement of work requirements means the bid is non-compliant or deficient).
  • Statement of Work requirements not addressed with respect to the business


  • Technical claims not substantiated with tangible, real data
  • Difficult to read: straight text, no bullets, poor graphics, no white space
  • Lack of section summaries. Points are buried inside long chunks of text
  • Overuse of boilerplate responses. The response is not tailored to the business needs of the client or agency issuing the ITT
  • Graphics not readable after copy and paste … sigh
  • Prime contractors’ / subcontractors’ agreements not included
  • Other back-up information such as copies of insurance and safety certificates not included
  • Certifications / qualifications included but the dates quoted meant they looked out of date
  • An insufficient number of copies sent
  • Documents submitted too late



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