AgResults Nigeria AflasafeTM Pilot Project in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)announces a Challenge to encourage maize aggregators in Nigeria to work with (and to provide incentives to) their smallholder maize farmers to adopt AflasafeTM, a technology shown to reduce aflatoxin contamination of maize by 99% and to lead to premium per unit prices.  Subject to the terms of the Challenge Rules, incentive payments will be made to aggregators for AflasafeTM maize collected from the smallholder farmers and confirmed by the AgResults Verifiers to have at least 70% AflasafeTM prevalence.

To apply, please refer to this attached form.

For more information and for competition rules, see this form.

Participant Eligibility and Participation Requirements

Aggregators must meet, on an ongoing basis, eligibility criteria as set forth in the Challenge Rules. In addition, selected aggregators must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an established organization with strong focus on maize farming with smallholder farmers in Nigeria
  • Positive reputation among farmers in terms of technical support received and fair market price offered for their output
  • Demonstrate ability to work with an intention to work with at least 300 smallholder farmers and have an established or proposed business model of sourcing maize from smallholder farmers and provide assistance to their smaller holder members.
  • Have the ability and possess capacity to organize and coordinate small holder farmers from planting to post harvest season on maize production and AflasafeTMapplication.
  • Positive reputation among farmers in terms of technical support received and fair market price offered for their output.
  • Have system in place to add value to the production of maize or link farmers to package of yield enhancing inputs i.e. seeds, fertilizers, storage facility, finance etc.
  • Have an organized system in place that provides confidence to off-taker i.e. warehouse, storage capacity to aggregate maize etc.
  • Have the capacity to purchase AflasafeTM on behalf of the farmers group and supply it to them as required.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet verification procedures, including delivery of high- AflasafeTM maize to designated collection points.
  • Have the capacity to train and monitor group of farmers on application of AflasafeTM management of aflatoxin, post-harvest management which included safety precaution on transfer and storage.
  • Create market linkage for the AflasafeTM Maize or buy back the maize from the farmers for large maize processors.
  • Have the capacity to produce periodic report and communicate this to the AgResults AflasafeTM project management team.
  • Able to make verifiable incentive payment to the group of farmers at post-harvest verification of reduced aflatoxin in maize.
  • Willingness to maximize transparency, discloses records and show transfer of a premium payment for high- AflasafeTM maize to the farmers.
  • Show evidence of high potential for rapid growth in number of contract farmers

Terms and Conditions for Application

Aggregators interested in participating in the Challenge are asked to download, fill out an Application form by Friday January 13, 2017 (5:00 PM EST)

Completed applications should be submitted by email to and hard copies in properly sealed envelopes and marked “Prequalification for Provision of (services as Implementer)” and addressed to AgResults Pilot Manager, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Abuja Farm, PMB 82 Beside Old Water Works, Kubwa Village, Abuja, Nigeria.

The Application will be reviewed by the AgResults Pilot Manager, in consultation with Pilot Selection Committee and the AgResults Secretariat. Eligible aggregators interested in the Challenge participation will be selected at the discretion of AgResults Team and notified in writing.

We look forward to working with your company/organisation on this opportunity. Should you have any questions or comments please direct them to

Adebowale (Debo) Akande

Pilot Manager, Nigeria AflasafeTM Pilot

+234 703 221 3797



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