The Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Social Investment Office (NSIO) has entered into an agreement with Action Aid Nigeria to coordinate the process of selecting third party monitors for the Social Investment Programmes, across the 36 States and FCT in Nigeria. The Social Investment Programmes have been designed to reduce poverty in Nigeria while jumpstarting progress on human development. ActionAid has committed to identifying, liaising with and managing Civil Society Organisations who will carry out the third party monitoring based on request by the National Social Investment Office (NSIO).
The Federal Government through the NSIO is calling for application from interested Civil Society Organisations desiring to serve as Third Party Monitors and Facilitators of the monitors at the Geo Political Zone level (6 zones plus the FCT) of the Federal Government’s Social Investment Programmes (FG SIP):

• Home-grown school feeding: aims to provide meals to a target of 5.5 million primary school children from locally sourced food.
• The National Cash Transfer programme: aims to provide a monthly payment of N5,000 to 1 million beneficiaries in poor and vulnerable households.
• N power – aims to provide jobs for 500,000 graduates and 100,000 non-graduates as artisans.
• Growth Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP): targets 1.6 million beneficiaries by providing access to credit facilities particularly for women, entrepreneurs, farmers and youth.

• Selected CSOs would deliver on the following in their respective States;
• Support the National Social Investment Office (NSIO) implementing a third party monitoring and evaluation system for the SIP in the 36 States and FCT.
• Liaise with relevant Stakeholders in the State (or FCT) for feedback and views including service delivery agents, local government and beneficiaries to enable the monitoring of the programmes.
• Take feedback from beneficiaries and other citizens and document their experience and perspectives on the SIP.
• Engage with and capture the concerns of beneficiary groups and mobilise them to actively participate in monitoring and evaluation activities and render feedback in the program.
• Track the funds allocated and expenditure on the programmes from the Federal level/State level to beneficiaries
• Strengthen the capacity of CBOs to monitor the SIP in their locations.
• Support the process of a CSO Situation Room on SIP (CSR-SIP) that would engage with the NSIO with processed information from the service providers, recipients and other citizens.
• Geo Political Zone Facilitators (6 zones + the FCT), will facilitate the activities of the state monitors within their zones, including monitoring, mentoring, capacity building, collation of reports and harmonizing them for submission to ActionAid Nigeria.

CSOs should meet the following criteria before applying:
(1) Registered with CAC or relevant government institutions
(2) Has been in operation for a minimum of five years
(3) Evidence of 3 years’ audited financial statements and registration certificate from SCUML (Special Control Unit against Money Laundering)
(4) Experience in at least one of the listed Social Investment programme areas
(5) Provide evidence of at least four past or ongoing projects/programs in the State of interest
(6) Evidence of working in, and based in the State for monitors or geo political zone for zonal facilitators
(7) Must have managed an annual income of over fifty million Naira (N50,000,000)
(8) Must apply with a list of 9 CBOs well spread in the 3 senatorial districts of the State, that are ready to work with them; these CBOs must meet the minimum criteria of presence, experience, office space and registration, understanding of local context, understanding of local language and nuances.
(9) Must have a functional Board that is aware of this project and signs off on it
(10) Must be referenced by at least one of the following organisations – National network/coalition organisation (of not less than 20 members), an international NGO with over 10 years work experience in Nigeria or a donor organisation with over 1 million pounds annual budget.
(11) Evidence of past work in the State that demonstrates independence as a CSO.
(12) Evidence of compliance with staff statutory deductions (tax and pension) in the last three (3) years or show a clear strategy on how to comply within three months of having been selected for this program
(13) Evidence of statutory compliance as an NGO; submission of annual reports
(14) Application should focus on Monitoring one State or Facilitation of one Zone.
Interested CSOs should send in their application to on or before midnight of 28th April 2017.
Applications should not be more than three pages responding to how you meet all the eligibility criteria and how you will carry out the tasks; attachments should not be more than five pages and emails should not exceed 7 MB in size. All questions or clarifications related to this advert should be sent to:, we will receive such questions and clarifications until the tenth (10th ) day after this advert. All responses will be posted on the project website –

(1) Organisations focused or headed by women or young persons or PLWD are encouraged to apply.
(2) Only shortlisted organisations will be contacted.
(3) ActionAid, the Federal Government or any of their partners will not ask for any form of payments throughout this process.
(4) All applicants are responsible to cover all their costs associated with this application process.
(5) ActionAid is the only organisation authorised by the Federal Government to coordinate this process.

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