The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in furtherance of its mandate is planning to execute the under listed project(s) and programme(s) for a sustainable development of the Niger Delta region, and as a result, requires the services of competent, experienced and qualified contractors in the healthcare industry to undertake the following projects:

The projects for which contractors’ services are required and for which capacities will be assessed are as follows:

1 Supply of Insecticide Mosquito treated nets to all 185 LGAs and Deworming programme for School Pupils (Primary/Secondary) 185 Local Government Areas in the Niger Delta States/Nine States of the Niger Delta
2 Supply of Essential Drugs to Primary Health Centres in the Region  1-8 Nine States of the Niger Delta
3 Immunization of School Children – Using Gardasil  1-28 Bomadi & Isoko South LGAs
4 Strengthening of Dialysis Services and Centres in Selected Hospitals in the Niger Delta region Nine States of the Niger Delta
5 Supply of Medical Equipment to selected Hospitals in the Niger Delta Region Nine States of the Niger Delta
6 Supply and Installation of Medical Solar Direct Drive Refrigerators (for vaccines)/Medical Incinerators for Niger Delta 1-24 Nine States of the Niger Delta


Interested and qualified contractors with relevant experience who wish to tender for these projects are required to obtain further information on the above from the Office of the Executive Director, Projects, NDDC Head Office, 167 Aba Road, Port Harcourt between the hours of 10am to 4pm Mondays through Fridays; beginning from 13/4/2017 until 27/4/2017

Interested contractors who wish to tender for these projects would be deemed qualified to collect their tender documents at the address stated below with the submission of the following documents (with relevant verifiable evidence);
1. Certificate of Registration of company in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission together with the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Form C07 showing the list of Directors and number of shares each has subscribed to;
2. Clear indication of a Verifiable Head Office address, indicating address of Branch office(s) or outlet(s) in the Niger Delta Region and a Utility Bill of the Office(s)/Outlet(s);
3. Corporate profile of firm Indicating ownership;
4. Professional registration of the Firm with appropriate professional Body;
5. An indication of any of the project/ type above that the company is interested in;
6. Evidence of Current Tax Clearance Certificate of the company for the past three (3) years duly certified and issued by FIRS;
7. A confirmable VAT Certificate with evidence of remittance;
8. Evidence of up to date Annual Returns;
9. A Verifiable evidence of compliance with statutory Pensions Act;
10. Verifiable evidence of Registration and contributions to the Industrial Training Fund (ITF);
11. Documented evidence of financial capability of the company (e.g. Certified Bank&’s Statement for the past three (3) years duly stamped and signed by the Bank);
12. Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the company possesses the professional and technical qualifications and shall make them available, when required to carry out the works;
13. Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the Company shall exercise requisite skills in service provision and only use genuine/specified materials and inputs in the execution of the works;
14. Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing the company is not in receivership;
15. Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing whether any officer of NDDC is a former or present Director of the company;
16. Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing whether any Director of the Company has been convicted in any country for any criminal offence relating to fraud or financial impropriety;
17. Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the company has not unduly abandoned any previous job awarded to it by NDDC;
18. Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the Company/Contractor possesses the legal capacity to enter into a procurement contract;
19. A statement of Interest, including a statement of availability to Undertake and Deliver the Job with the Specified duration;
20. Technical capability of the Firm, Including CV of relevant staff and profile Equipment;
21. Evidence of track records of the firm in the execution of similar Projects;
22. Letter of Reference, Evidence of payment for similar Jobs done in the past with verifiable names and phone numbers of contact persons from the awarding institutions;
23. A well laid-out itemized strategy/ intended methodology for a smooth delivery of the proposed project; and
24. Any other information that would aid in good assessment of the company.
25. Relevant Professional License in the Health Field annual practice license for Doctors, Pharmacists, dentists, etc.

Contractors are expected to fully comply with the above requirements as failure to do so may weaken the contractor’s case. Contractors are to submit only genuine and verifiable documents as contractors who submit fake or fraudulently obtained documents would be disqualified and the attention of the relevant security agencies may be called; if necessary; All submissions would be evaluated on the basis of documents submitted and selection would be based on a series of factors including contractor’s competence, experience and track record.

• The selection of contractors will follow the Provisions laid out in the Public Procurement Act, 2007 for this category/threshold of projects;
• Only Contractors that have substantially fulfilled the above stated conditions shall be given the tender documents to tender for these projects;
• Contractors can seek clarification or request for additional information by writing officially to the officer listed below before the deadline for the submission of the tender document;
• Contractors are advised not to try to influence the selection process as this would lead to immediate disqualification of the contractor and they may also be barred from seeking other contract opportunities from the Commission;
• Contractors are advised not to tender for more than one project;
• All costs incurred by any contractor in the preparation of these documents are to be borne entirely by the Contractor; and
• NDDC reserves the right to reject any or all submissions and to terminate the entire selection process at any time without any liability to the Commission.

1. Supply of treated nets to all 185 LGAs:
• Must be treated with pyrethroid insecticide with World Health Organization (WHO) Standard
• Minimum of five (5) years to date of expiration at the point of delivery
2. Deworming programme:
• Anthihelminthes must be manufactured in Nigeria and must have NAFDAC Registration No. with batch no., date of manufacture and date of expiry
• Anthihelminthes must be stored under the proper conditions
3. Supply of Essential Drugs to Primary Health Centres in the Region:
• Must have NAFDAC Registration No.
• Must be stored at room temperature for inspection
• Proper Ventilation
4. Gardasil Vaccine:
• Must have HPV9 valent Vaccine Recombinant
• Supplied in Cold Chain (2˚C to 8˚C)
• Registered with NAFDAC
• Possess VVM vaccine viable monitor
• Minimum of two (2) years to date of expiration at the point of delivery
5. Strengthening of Dialysis Services and Centres in Selected Hospitals in the Niger Delta region:
6. Supply of Medical Equipment:
• Only Equipment manufacturers or accredited representatives can bid

Completed bids documents, written in English Language, should be submitted in sealed envelopes marked with the appropriate job title on the top left comer and address to:

The Executive Director, Projects
Niger Delta Development Commission
167, Aba Road.
Port Harcourt.

The bid documents must be collected at the above office from 10am, Friday, 13th April, 2017, until Thursday 27th April, 2017 and must be submitted, on completion, at the same address not later than 12 noon, Wednesday, 24th April, 2017

Bids will be opened in the presence of bid representatives (who choose to attend) and invited observers at the NDDC Headquarters’ ground floor by 12 noon, Wednesday, 24th April, 2017




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