The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in furtherance of its mandates is planning to execute the under listed project(s) for a sustainable development of the Niger Delta Region and as a result, requires the services of competent, experienced and qualified contractors in the construction industry to undertake the following projects:

The projects for which contractors services are required and for which capacities will be assessed are as follows:
1 Education Reconstruction and renovation of Primary and Secondary Schools in Abia State Abia
2 Energy/Power Supply Solar Street Light at Ikwuorieator East/lgubeachara-Ukwa East LGA Abia
3 Energy/Power Supply Electrification of Nkatalike to Umukabia Umuagbom Communities, Umuahia North LGA Abia
4 Energy/Power Supply Rural Electrification Project at Okpuhu Umueleke Okaiuga Nkwoegwu, Umuahia North LGA Abia
5 Roads/Bridges Construction of Camp Acho road Azumini, Ndoki, Ukwa East LGA Abia
6 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umunnemeze – Larinze Avenue – Nkata Okpuala road, Umuahia North LGA Abia
7 Roads/Bridges Erosion Control Works at Onuaku – Amonye road Network, Uturu, Isukwuato LGA Abia
8 Roads/Bridges Construction of Okpuala Ngwa-Nbawsi Road 5km Phase I, Isiala Ngwa North LGA Abia
9 Roads/Bridges Construction of 3.5km Uburu-Atani-Ibom Road, Arochukwu LGA Abia
10 Roads/Bridges Construction of Onuaku Industrial Layout road connecting Ngelebube road to Ikpokoro in Onuaku Autonomous Community, Uturu, Isukwuato LGA Abia
11 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ukionwangiom- Agukwon Road Abia
12 Roads/Bridges Construction of Mkpa road (Lot 1-3), Bende LGA Abia
13 Roads/Bridges Construction of Obiga – Umuaka Road, Ukwa West LGA Abia
14 Roads/Bridges Construction of 1.2km Umu – Ugba – Umu – Kaonu – Umu – Oke – Umu – Kiriko road Umuahia South LGA Abia
15 Water Supply Construction of Motorised Borehole with reticulation formation, Eziokwu Compound,
Asapa Village, Arochukwu LGA Abia
16 Ecological Erosion Control at Ikpe Okon, Eket LGA Akwa Ibom
17 Education Construction of Classroom at Government Primary School, Utu, Etim Ekpo LGA Akwa Ibom
18 Education
Construction of Government Primary School Udi Ika, Ito Clan, Ika LGA Akwa Ibom
19 Education
Construction of Classroom Block in Ikot Edet, Etim Ekpo LGA Akwa Ibom
20 Education
Construction of Classroom Blocks at Primary School Mbiakpa Ibakesi, Ini LGA Akwa Ibom
21 Education
Construction of staff quarters at Secondary Grammar School, Mbo LGA Akwa Ibom
22 Energy/Power Supply Construction of 2Nos 132/33 Nos. 60X40 MVA substation and distribution at Uyo and Ibiono Akwa Ibom
23 Energy/Power Supply Supply/installation of 500/33KVA transformer 3nos in Afiah Nsit Urua Nko, Nsit Ibom LGA Akwa Ibom
24 Roads/ Bridges
Construction of 2km road network at Ikot Ebok-Ekot-Idoro Ikot Road Akwa Ibom
25 Roads/Bridges Construction of 6km Uwa-Nto Etom road with spur, Obot Akara LGA Akwa Ibom
26 Roads/Bridges Construction of 1km Road, Mbo LGA Akwa Ibom
27 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ekim Itam Itu bridge – Atan Onyom, Itu LGA Akwa Ibom
28 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ndon Ebom Internal Roads, Uruan LGA Akwa Ibom
29 Roads/Bridges Construction of internal road network in Eket Urban, Phase 3, Lot 1-4 Eket LGA Akwa Ibom
30 Roads/Bridges Construction of Afua-Idoro -Ikot-Ekwere Road. (Lot 1-4) Akwa Ibom
31 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Access road to Afi-lwaad Ekid Hqtrs Building off Eket-Ibeno Road Phase 1 Eket LGA Akwa Ibom
32 Roads/ Bridges
Construction of Inyang – Udunghwo/Esuk Udo road Phase II (Lots 1-2), Mbo LGA Akwa Ibom
33 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Uko Akpan-Eyodombo road Eyodombo, Mbo LGA Akwa Ibom
34 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Udung Ukpon Village Road
Akwa Ibom
35 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Admin. Office Block, Museum Gallery, Fencing and Landscaping of Annang Museum Ikot Ekpene LGA Akwa Ibom
36 Governance, Social Services & Sports Supply of ICT Ed/Mat/Sch Upgrade at Primary School Ikot Ekare, Ikot Abasi LGA Akwa Ibom
37 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of town hall and furnishing in Udung Uko, Oron LGA Akwa Ibom
38 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction and building of skills acquisition centre at Ekeye Okobo LGA Akwa Ibom
39 Water Supply
Solar powered borehole at Ebughu-Okobo/Akai/ Abiakowo/ Eyein Akwa Ibom
40 Water Supply
Solar Powered Water Scheme at Ukap Ikot Idang, Ikono LGA Akwa Ibom
41 Education Reconstruction and renovation of Primary and Secondary Schools in Bayelsa State (various) Bayelsa

42 Energy/ Power Supply Provision of Solar street light at Otuabagi, Ogbia LGA Bayelsa
43 Energy/ Power Supply Provision of Solar Powered Street Light at Otokolobou, Kolokuma/Opokuma LGA Bayelsa
44 Energy/ Power Supply Provision of Solar Powered Street Light at Amatolo, Southern Ijaw LGA Bayelsa
45 Energy/ Power Supply Provision of Solar Powered Street Light at Ayama, Southern Ijaw LGA Bayelsa
46 Health Construction of Health Centre building at Igbomotoru 1 Town, Southern Ijaw Constituency Bayelsa
47 Health Renovation, fencing, landscaping & laying of stones in at the Hospital/Nurses quarters2no 3 bedroom flats in Diebu Town, Southern Ijaw LGA Bayelsa
48 Jetty/Shore Protection Sand Filling and Link road to NDDC Jetty/ Ferry Terminal, /Onueaum, Ogbia LGA Bayelsa
49 Roads/Bridges Construction of 2KM internal walkway road at Tanogbene, Ekere or LGA Bayelsa
50 Roads/Bridges Construction of internal concrete road pavement & drainage in Adagbabiri, Sagbama LGA Bayelsa
51 Roads/Bridges Construction of Igbedi/Amassoma 2km Road, Southern Ijaw LGA Bayelsa
52 Roads/Bridges Construction of Internal Roads in Ogbia Federal Constituency, Anyama Town, Ogbia LGA Bayelsa
53 Roads/Bridges Construction of concrete road location at Baberegbene town, Southern Ijaw LGA Bayelsa
54 Roads/Bridges Construction of Torundoro to Tami Ndoro water front road (5Km) (Lots 1-3) Bayelsa
55 Roads/Bridges Construction of Concrete road with drainage from Aghoro II Civic centre to the GRA
Ekeremor LGA Bayelsa
56 Roads/Bridges Construction of Aya – Ogbo -Ama Road, Amassoma, Southern Ijaw LGA Bayelsa
57 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of a Mini-Park and concrete water toilet building, Bassambiri, Nembe LGA Bayelsa
58 Water Supply Construction of 50,000 capacity tank with 3 Km Reticulation Network at Agbere, Sagbama Bayelsa
59 Education Construction of 6 classroom block with toilets in St. Michael Primary School, Ibil, Ogoja LGA Cross River
60 Health Procurement of Laparoscopic / Endoscopic Equipment and other Medical Equipment to General Hospital Calabar Cross River
61 Road/Bridges Construction of Okorotung/Amukwong 1 km road Cross River
62 Road/Bridges Construction of 2km Utugwan Ring road (Lots 1 -2), Obudu LGA Cross River
63 Road/Bridges Construction of Anating street off Target road, Calabar South LGA Cross River
64 Road/Bridges Erosion control and bridging works at Eshi Bansan in Boki LGA CRS. (Phase II), Boki LGA Cross River
65 Road/Bridges Construction of Access road and Landing Jetty at Henshaw Town Beach, Calabar Central Cross River
66 Road/Bridges Construction of 2km CICC layout, off New Quarters, Calabar Cross River
67 Road/Bridges Construction of 1.6Km Union Bank road, Igoli Ogoja LGA Cross River
68 Governance & Social Services Supply of ICT Ed/Mat/Sch Upgrade at Senior Secondary Technical College, Ikot Effang Cross River
69 Governance & Social Services Construction of Garment production centre for skill Acquisition in Ogoja LGA Cross River
70 Education Rehabilitation of Majovo Primary School Ekakpampre, Ughelli North LGA Delta
71 Education Supply of furniture, laboratory equipment and computers to Delta State University, Oleh Campus, Isoko North LGA Delta
72 Education Construction of Student Hostel at Ayama Quarters, Patani Delta
73 Energy Power Supply Installation of Solar-Powered Street Lights at Sokebolou town/ Ogula Dobotobo, Burutu LGA Delta
74 Energy Power Supply Provision of Street Light at Market/Ovie Palace Road, Agbarho, Ughelli North LGA Delta
75 Roads / Bridges Construction of Inner Concrete Pavement Road, at Anduoware Quarters to Palace Annex OgriagbeneTown, Bomadi LGA Delta
76 Roads / Bridges Construction of Akposuo road of Koloware Community, Patani LGA Delta
77 Roads / Bridges Construction of Andy Iyama Street, Boji Boji, Agbor, Ika South LGA Delta

78 Roads / Bridges Construction of Agbarho Township Road Delta
79 Roads / Bridges Tarring of 2Km Bomadi Township road in Bomadi Town, Bomadi LGA Delta
80 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ubulubu-Obomkpa Road (Lot 1-2), Aniocha North LGA Delta
81 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 1km Iye-Ovo street, Oyede, Isoko South LGA Delta
82 Roads / Bridges Construction of Egbelemeji road/bridge Koko, Warri North LGA Delta
83 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Jakpa Daleketa Ogheye road, Warri North LGA Delta
84 Roads / Bridges Construction of 2km Emede Ring road, Isoko South LGA Delta
85 Roads/ Bridges Reconstruction of collapsed bridge along Uyi, Efiekporo, Ijalla WRPC Jetty road, Ubeyi Warri South LGA Delta
86 Roads / Bridges Construction of 2km Ovrode Ring-road, Ovrode, Isoko North LGA Delta
87 Roads/Bridges Construction of bridge and access road with drains linking Okogbo, Ubagboro communities Warri North LGA Delta
88 Roads / Bridges Construction of Ogume-Abbi road, (Lot 1 -8) Ndokwa West LGA Delta
89 Roads / Bridges Construction of Ushie Internal Road (Lot I -2), Ndokwa East LGA Delta
90 Roads / Bridges Construction of Umu Edem 2Km Link Agip Road, Beneku Community, Ndokwa East LGA Delta
91 Roads / Bridges Construction of Kokori-Okuruokpe-Okpara Inland Road, Ethiope East LGA Delta
92 Roads/Bridges Construction of Effurun internal roads-Lots 1-3, Uvwie LGA Delta
93 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Civic Centre in Kokori Inland, Ethiope East LGA. Delta
94 Water Supply Construction of Solar Powered Borehole Reticulation, Street Light and Asphalting of 300Km Internal road, Obudu, Udu, Delta State ( Lot 1-2) Delta
95 Water Supply Water supply Scheme/ Pipeline Extension at Emohu, Aragba, Ebon and Ugono-Orogun
(Lot I -2), Ughelli North LGA. Delta
96 Water Supply Ogborodo Integrated Water Project Ogborodo, Warri South West LGA Delta
97 Education Supply and installation of laboratory equipment in Jattu Grammar School, Etsako West L.G.A Edo
98 Energy/ Power Supply Supply and Installation of Stand alone Solar Street Light in Oredo, Edo State Edo
99 Health Supply of Hospital Equipment to General Hospital in Otuo, Owan East LGA Edo
100 Roads/Bridges Construction Okunbor /U’se Secondary School Road, Egor LGA Edo
101 Roads/Bridges Construction (tarring) of road from Otoikhimi to Ewoiki Esan North East/South LGA Edo
102 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Idusogie Eweka Street, Etete Benin City, Oredo LGA Edo
103 Roads/Bridges Construction of rural roads in Odighi, Odiguetue Community, Ovia North LGA Edo
104 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ohe-Okhuokhuo-Oghada Road (Phase 2) Uhunmwode LGA Edo
105 Roads/Bridges Construction of Nneka street/Redemption drive/Osaze Ediae street/Jack Merry street with drainages, off Ugbor Road, Benin City, Oredo LGA Edo
106 Roads/Bridges Construction of internal road in Ofumwengbe community, off Ugbor road, Oredo LGA Edo
107 Roads / Bridges Rehabilitation of Igarra Township Road, Akoko Edo LGA Edo North (2.5Km) Edo
108 Water Supply Reticulation of solar powered water project in Auchi (Lots I -2), Etsako West LGA Edo
109 Education Construction of Imo West Centre for Medical Education, Research and Publications College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Imo West LGA Imo
110 Energy/ Power Supply Provision of solar street light at Bishop’s gate – Umuwaoma road, Ahiazu Mbaise LGA Imo
111 Roads/Bridges Construction of Izombe Serminary School Road, Eziama Izombe, Oguta LGA Imo
112 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umuaga-Umukabia Road 2km Phase I, Nguru, Ngor-Okpala LGA Imo
113 Roads/Bridges Construction of Internal road network for Ehime Mbano Phase II (Lots I -4) Imo
114 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ihiagwa (Umuokwo) – Eziobodo road, Owerri West LGA Imo
115 Roads/Bridges Construction of St John, Nkwo Imo Market Obodo Amaimo with one side drain (2Km) Ikeduru LGA Imo
116 Roads/Bridges Construction of Amaukwu Orodo to Ogwa road (2Km), Mbaitoli LGA Imo
117 Roads/Bridges Construction of Mgbele Izombe Road (Phase I), Oguta LGA Imo
118 Roads/Bridges Resurfacing and Const of Ogbuide Road/Drainage, Oguta LGA Imo
119 Roads/Bridges Construction of Mbara Uhuala-Udo/Dikenta Obowo road Uhuola-Udo Mbaise/Obowo LGA Imo
120 Roads/Bridges Construction of Amainyara/Umuezeala Road, Oru East LGA Imo
121 Roads/Bridges Construction of 3 km road Aku/Umuduru/Obodo road Ahiara Imo
122 Roads/Bridges Construction of 4.7km Ama Mbamala-Edenta-Awo Police station L.G Hqtrs road-Nkwo Idemili, Phase 1 Imo
123 Roads/Bridges Construction of 6.2km Orsumognu- Ihiteukwa-Ubahaezedeke-Isieke-Afor Awo Amadim-Ubuku, Phase l, Orsu LGA Imo
124 Governance, Social Services & Sports Supply of ICT Ed/Mat/Sch Upgrade at Obizi High School, Ezinihitte, Mbaise LGA Imo
125 Governance, Social Services & Sports Supply of ICT Ed/Mat/Sch Upgrade at Comprehensive Secondary School, Emekuku, Owerri Imo
126 Education Construction of 400 Seater Lecture Auditorium at Engineering Faculty Federal University of Technology, Akure South LGA Ondo
127 Education Construction and Equipment of Modern Library at Happy City College, Aiyetoro, Ilaje LGA Ondo
128 Education Reconstruction and renovation of Primary and Secondary Schools in Ondo State (various) Ondo
129 Education Construction and Equipment of Science Laboratories, Zion Pepe, Ilaje LGA Ondo
130 Education Construction of 6 Classroom Block at Igbobini, Ese-Odo LGA Ondo
131 Canalization / Reclamation Canalisation of Siloko-Taribor Creek (PHASE II), Odigbo LGA Ondo
132 Health Reconstruction/ Renovation of Igbokoda General Hospital, Ilaje LGA Ondo
133 Energy/ Power Supply Solar Electrification at Odun Oriretan, Ilaje LGA Ondo
134 Energy/ Power Supply Solar Powered Street light at Igbekebo, Ese-Odo LGA Ondo
135 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of shoreline protection from Ode-Ugbo to Igbonla (Lots 1-6) Ondo
136 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Concrete Jetty at Zion Ikorigho, Ilaje LGA Ondo
137 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Concrete Jetty at Mogonhen Obele, Ilaje LGA Ondo
138 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Concrete Jetty and Concrete Walkway at Oropo, Ilaje LGA Ondo
139 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Concrete jetty, Ajegunle Ugboland Ondo
140 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Igbokoda Internal Road Linking GRA, Ilaje LGA Ondo
141 Jetty/Shore Protection Queens Town foreshore protection, Andoni/Opobo/Nkoro LGA Rivers
142 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Kalio Ama Jetty and George Ama Jetty, Okrika LGA Rivers
143 Road/Bridges Construction of Ohia-Minita Internal Road and Drain Off East West Road, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
144 Road/Bridges Construction of Ohia Egberu Road, Ikm Off Km 17 Aba Road, Port Harcourt Rivers
145 Road/Bridges Construction of Egbu Crescent Omuigwe, Aluu, Ikwerre LGA Rivers
146 Road/Bridges Construction of Tema Ifoko Rigid Pavement Road Phase 2, Asari Toru LGA Rivers
147 Road/Bridges Construction of Abam-Okrika link road, Okrika LGA Rivers
148 Road/Bridges Construction of Hawkins street Egbelu Ozodo, Obio Akpor LGA Rivers
149 Road/Bridges Construction of Apanfaeleku new layout Rivers
150 Road/Bridges Construction of Okwagi road, Ede, Onelga Rivers
151 Road/Bridges Construction of 2.5km Egbelu Mgbaraja community in Ogbogoro, Obio Akpor LGA Rivers
152 Road/Bridges Construction of Ikm road from Opobo 11 to Iwokiri, Opobo/Nkoro LGA Rivers
153 Road/Bridges Construction of ATC to Market Okrika, Okrika LGA Rivers
154 Road/Bridges Construction of Udebu /Ihuaba road in Ahoada East L.G.A (5 Kilometers) Rivers
155 Road/Bridges Construction of Ikata Internal Road and Drains, Ahoada East LGA Rivers
156 Road/Bridges Construction of 1.5km of Road I Extension and Road 2 Extension at Rumuokparali New Layout, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
157 Road/Bridges Construction of Rigid Pavement and Drains at Inyongorong-Agbangngo, Andoni LGA Rivers
158 Road/Bridges Construction of Nyemoni Anglican Grammer School Internal Road, Abonnema, Akuku-Toru LGA Rivers
159 Road/Bridges Construction of Peace Estate internal road at 33 Nvuike road RD road, Rumuodara, Obio Akpor LGA Rivers
160 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Ebeni/Omuma Town Hall, Omuma LGA Rivers
161 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction and Equipping of Community Hall, Omoku, Onelga Rivers
162 Water Supply Integrated Water Scheme project in Okrika (Lot 1 – 5), Okrika LGA Rivers
163 Energy/Power Supply Engineering, Procurement and Design of 1 Mega watt Solar off grid village electrification in Akugbene/Mapping and distribution of Solar Micro off Grid of 1 Mega watt Solar Power Generation in all the homes in Akugbene town with metering technology, commissioning and training (Lots 1 – 7) Delta
164 Jetty/Shore Protection Foreshore wall/Reclamation at Abari (Lots 1 – 10)

Interested and qualified contractors with real operating and relevant experience who wish to tender for these projects are required to obtain further information on the above from the office of the Director, Utilities, Infrastructural Development & Waterways, NDDC Head office, 167 Aba Road, Port Harcourt between the hours of 8am and 4pm Mondays through Friday; beginning from May 4th 2017 until 18th May, 2017.

Interested contractors who wish to Tender for these projects would be deemed qualified to collect their tender documents at the address stated below after payment of a non-refundable fee of N50, 000.00 (Fifty thousand naira) only payable in bank draft in favor of the Niger Delta Development Commission and the submission of the following documents (with relevant verifiable evidence):
(1) Certificate of Registration of company in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission together with the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Form C07 showing the list of Directors and number of shares each has subscribed to;
(2) Evidence of Registration on the National Database of Contractors, Consultant and Service Providers:
(3) Clear indication of a Verifiable Head Office address, indicating address of Branch office(s) or outlet(s) in the Niger Delta Region and a Utility Bill of the office(s)/Outlet(s);
(4) Corporate profile of firm Indicating ownership;
(5) Professional registration of the Firm with appropriate professional Body;
(6) An indication of any of the project/type above that the company is interest in;
(7) Evidence of Current Tax Clearance Certificate of the company for the past three (3) years duly certified and issued by FIRS;
(8) A confirmable VAT Certificate with evidence of remittance;
(9) Evidence of up to date Annual Returns;
(10) A Verifiable evidence of compliance with statutory Pensions Act;
(11) Verifiable evidence of Registration and contributions to the Industrial Training Fund (ITF);
(12) Documented evidence of financial capability of the company (e.g. Certified Bank’s Statement for the past three (3) years duly stamped and signed by the Bank;
(13) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the company possesses the professional and technical qualifications and shall make them available, when required to carry out the works;
(14) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the Company shall exercise requisite skills in service provision and only use genuine/specified materials and inputs in the execution of the works;
(15) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing the company is not in receivership;
(16) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing whether any officer of NDDC is a former or present Director of the company;
(17) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing whether any Director of the Company has been convicted in any country for any criminal offence relating to fraud or financial impropriety;
(18) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the company has not unduly abandoned any previous job awarded to it by NDDC;
(19) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the Company/Contractor possesses the legal capacity to enter into a procurement contract;
(20) A statement of Interest, including a statement of availability to Undertake and Deliver the job with the Specified duration;
(21) Technical capability of the Firm, Including CV of relevant staff and profile Equipment;
(22) Evidence of track records of the firm in the execution of similar Projects;
(23) Letter of Reference, Evidence of payment for similar jobs done in the past with verifiable names and phone numbers of contact persons from the awarding institution;
(24) A well laid-out itemized strategy/intended methodology for a smooth delivery of the proposed project and
(2.5) Any other information that would aid in good assessment of the company.

Contractors are expected to fully comply with the above requirements as failure to do so may weaken the contractor’s case. Contractors are to submit only genuine and verifiable documents as contractors who submit fake or fraudulently obtained documents would be disqualified and the attention of the relevant security agencies may be called; if necessary. All submissions would be evaluated on the basis of documents submitted and selection would be based on a series of factors including contractor’s competence, experience and track record.

The selection of contractors will follow the Provisions laid out in the Public Procurement Act 2007 for this category/threshold of projects;
Only Contractors that have substantially fulfilled the above stated conditions shall be given the tender documents to tender for these projects:
Contractors can seek clarification or request for additional information by writing officially to the officer listed below before the deadline for the submission of the tender document;
Contractors are advised not to try to influence the selection process as this would lead to immediate disqualification of the contractor and they may also be barred from seeking other contract opportunities from the Commission;
Contractors are advised not to tender for more than one project;

All costs incurred by any contractor in the preparation of these documents are to be borne entirely by the Contractor; and
NDDC reserves the right to reject any or all submissions and to terminate the entire selection process at any time without any liability to the Commission.

Completed bids documents, written in English Language, should be submitted in sealed envelopes marked with the appropriate job tide on the top left corner and address to:
The Executive Director, Projects
Niger Delta Development Commission
167, Aba Road,
Port Harcourt,

The bid documents must be received at the address stated above from 10am on Thursday, 4th May, 2017, until Wednesday, 18th May, 2017, and must be submitted, on completion, at the same address not later than 12 noon, Wednesday, 14th June, 2017.

Bids will be opened in the presence of bid representatives (who chose to attend) and invited observers at the NDDC Headquarters’ ground floor by 12 noon, Wednesday, 14th June, 2017.




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