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BIDS must be submitted to WHO via the drop Box situated at:
Red Star Express
Plot 882 Tafawa Balewa Way, opposite Nicon Luxury hotels entrance gate.
Plot 3, Conakry Crescent by Skylarks pharmacy, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja
DHL International Nigeria Limited
Hafsat Plaza, Constitution Avenue, Opposite World Trade Centre, Central Area, Abuja
CLOSING DATE: (31st May, 2017) at 17hours (Nigerian time).
OFFERS SUBMITTED IN ANY OTHER MANNER (e.g. fax, email, hand-delivered)
WILL BE INVALIDATED OPENING DATE: Bids will be opened on at a place and time to be indicated

As part of its work, the World Health Organization undertakes jointly with Member States and other specialized UN Agencies a variety of health projects for which equipment and supplies are provided free of charge by the Organization. Purchases of such material are non-commercial and international in character, as the products in question are for use in health programmes mainly in the state as incentive towards immunization of children. The purpose of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) is to procure incentives known as Pluses for fourteen northern States: Kaduna, Kano, Kebbi, Zamfara, Sokoto, Yobe, Taraba, Borno, Bauchi, Adamawa, Niger, FCT, Jigawa and Katsina states. These incentives include sachet Milk, Biscuits, sweets, whistles etc

Bidders are invited to submit offers for Pluses as per details provided in Annex I. INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS:
(1) The currency of the offer shall preferably be the NGN and the indicated prices shall subsist for 2017/2018.

Offers must be made in accordance with the instructions contained in this ITB. All offers must be submitted via the drop box as indicated above.
All technical specifications and full documentation must be submitted by the same means. Offers submitted by other methods shall not be considered.

Offers should be valid for a period of no less than 90 days and preferably for a period as long as possible. WHO reserves the right to place similar orders for other destinations at a later stage within the validity period subject to acceptance by the supplier.

WHO may request free samples, which will be subject to review.

Bidders who wish to attend the bid opening session will do so at their own cost, and should inform WHO 48 hours in advance, indicating contact details of the person who will attend the bid opening. Non-attendance has no implication on the evaluation of the bids.

Any request for information regarding the specifications or other details of this ITB are to be addressed to the procurement officer in charge EXCLUSIVELY through e-mail Enquiries received less than 7 calendar days prior to the ITB closing date cannot be guaranteed any response. Only written enquiries will be entertained. Questions are to be submitted in the format “Paragraph Number – Question”. A response to written queries will be provided to all proposers in writing.

Any order resulting from this invitation shall contain the WHO Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions and any other specific terms or conditions detailed within this ITB.

Any information that the vendor may consider necessary to guarantee or clarify the bid (e.g. technical details, compliance with standards, etc.) may be included, provided appropriate and clearly indicated reference is made in the offer.

In case of failure by the vendor to perform under the terms and conditions of the purchase order, including, but not limited to, failure to obtain necessary export licences, or to make delivery of all or part of the goods by the agreed delivery date or dates, WHO may, after giving the vendor reasonable notice to perform and without prejudice to any other rights or remedies, exercise one or more of the following rights:
(1) procure all or part of the goods from other sources, in which event WHO may hold the vendor responsible for any excess cost occasioned thereby,
(2) refuse to accept delivery of all or part of the goods,
(3) terminate the purchase order.

WHO reserves the right to:
(1) Award the contract to a bidder of its choice, even if its bid is not the lowest;
(2) Award separate contracts and make multiple arrangements for any item or items, where, in the opinion of WHO the lowest acceptable offer cannot fully meet the requirements, or if it is deemed to be in the interest of WHO to do so. Any arrangement under this condition will be made on the basis of quoted price in lowest, second lowest and third lowest acceptable offer which is fully responsive and meeting all requirements. WHO reserves the right also to accept only part of the items and/or quantities quoted for,
(3) Accept or reject any bid, and to annul the solicitation process and reject all bids at any time prior to award of contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders and without any obligation to inform the affected bidder or bidders of the grounds for WHO’s action;
(4) Award the contract on the basis of the Organization’s particular objectives to a bidder whose bid is considered to be the most responsive to the needs of the Organization and the activity concerned;
(5) Not award any contract at all;
(6) Reject any item or offer which is not in compliance with the specifications and requirements set forth in this Invitation to Bid. Moreover, WHO may reject any or all bids without assigning any reason in the interest of the Organization.

WHO has the right to eliminate bids for technical or other reasons throughout theevaluation/selection process. WHO shall not in any way be obliged to reveal, or discuss with any bidder, how a bid was assessed, or to provide any other information relative to the
evaluation/selection process or to state the reasons for elimination to any bidder.

NOTE: WHO is acting in good faith by issuing this ITB. However, this document does not oblige WHO to contract for the performance of any work, nor for the supply of any products or services.

The bidder shall inform WHO immediately about any serious quality and/or safety concerns related to the manufacture, control or use of their product, including suspension or cancellation of marketing authorizations. This applies to pre contract award, as well as post contract award periods.
The bidder, if awarded the contract, pledges to work with WHO to minimize potential public health risks by actively organizing product recalls of defective products and either in replacing the defective product or covering the direct and related costs related to replacing the defective product within defined timelines as specified in the contractual requirements.
• Evaluation tools
• Preliminary screening criteria
• Late submission of offer
• Offer in sealed Envelope
• Offer appropriately labelled
• Shortlisted
• Disqualified
9.1 Evaluation of the Technical Proposal – vendor Name
Summary of technical proposal
Score Weight
Points Obtainable
LPRC Members
A B C D E Average
(A) Expertise of Firm submitting Proposal 40% 40
1. Reputation of contractor (List of clients and financial statement in the last three years, letters of commendation from other companies, evidence of appointment as major distributor 10%
2. Experience on similar assignments (major assignments in the last 5 years and their value and samples of work done). 15%
3. Work undertaken for UN/major multilateral or bilateral organizations 3%
4. Ability of contractor to deliver goods in line with time frame (Reliability) 10%

(B) Proposed Work plan and approach 30% 30
5. Understanding of assignment with the scope of work well defined (TOR) 10%
6. Appropriateness of conceptual framework adopted for the task 10%
7. Propose work plan (sequence of activities and planning) 10%

(C) Qualify of personnel and suitability for the assignment 30% 30
8. Personnel’s qualification in the Sales and distribution FMCG 10%
9. Personnel’s professional experience in the sales and distribution of FMCG 10%
10 Personnel training Experience 10%
TOTAL 100% 100
60% of overall score 60

9.2 Evaluation of the financial proposal (Least quotes approach) – All service Providers
9.3 General Summary Scores
Summary of financial proposal Points
Obtainable Service provider

X Y V W Z comment
1. Score of technical proposal 60%
2. Score of financial proposal 40%
3. Total score 100%
4. Ranking

Bidders should indicate intention to submit bid by sending an email to:
Bids received without a statement of intent may be disqualified.



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