Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNi) is a non-profit organization that promotes socio-economic development by supporting health and research in Nigeria. AHNi currently has its headquarter in Abuja and operational presence in Awka Ibom, Adamawa, Borno, Edo, Imo, Kaduna, Katsina, Oyo, River, Yobe and Zamfara States
To support our program interventions and deliverables in the country and to maintain our Procurement Best Practice, AHNi is calling for Expression of Interest (EOI) from duly established, qualified and interested Companies/Service Providers for the following:

EOIAHNi0l Medical/ Laboratory Consumables
EOIAHNi02 Medical/Laboratory Equipment
EOIAHNi03 Design and Printing, Branding and Corporate Gifts (eg. manuals, banners, posters, vouchers, reports, stickers, T-shirts, flags)
EOIAHNi04 Office Furniture (E.g. tables, chairs, cabinets, work station, bookshelf etc)
EOIAHNi05 Proprietary/Third Party Software (eg. Antivirus, desktop publishing, accounting, etc)
EOIAHNi06 Enterprises Resources Planning Software/Deployment
EOIAHNi07 Web Design & Maintenance
EOIAHNi08 Clearing Agent for imported Goods
EOIAHNi09 Newspaper Adverts and Publications
EOIAHNi10 Registered Agent for Vehicle Registration/Renewal of Particulars
EOIAHNi11 Generator Companies-Supply
EOIAHNi12 Generators Repairs/Maintenance
EOIAHNi13 Insurance Brokers
EOIAHNi14 Home-based Care Kits (HBC Kits)
EOIAHNi15 Car Hire Services
EOIAHNi16 Courier/Bulk Cargo/Haulages Services
EOIAHNi17 Renovation/Upgrading of Schools and Health Facilities
EOIAHNi18 Security Services
EOIAHNi19 Vehicle Maintenance/Service
EOIAHNi20 Automobile Company (Supply of Vehicles)
EOIAHNi21 Supply and installation of air-conditioning and its accessories/parts
EOIAHNi22 Travel Agency/Ticketing
EOIAHNi23 Office Interiors/ Partitioning and Installations
EOIAHNi24 Vehicle Parts and Accessories (tyres, battery, tow rope, fire extinguisher, jump start cable, caution sign, Etc)
EOIAHNi25 Office and Household Cleaning Consumables
EOIAHNi26 Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers
EOIAHNi27 IT Equipment and Consumables
EOIAHNi28 IT Networking & Service Providers (including WLAN cabling, Internet Access, PABX, Desk phones etc
EOIAHNi29 Janitorial Services
EOIAHNi30 Diesel Supply
EOIAHNi31 Foreign Exchange Payment and Conversion Agent
EOIAHNi32 Catering Services
EOIAHNi33 Household equipment (eg. refrigerator, television, water dispenser, etc)
EOIAHNi34 Office Stationeries ( folder, clips, photocopying paper, etc)
EOIAHNi35 Office Equipment (photocopier, UPS, projectors, Inverters etc)
EOIAHNi36 Facility Maintenance (Plumbing/electrical repairs etc)

Existing Service Providers should consider this EOI as a revalidation exercise and are required to participate.

All Companies/Services Providers interested are required to collect AHNi Vendor Registration Form from the below address:
Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNi),
3rd Floor, Coscharis Plaza, Plot 1070,
Faskari Street, Area 3, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria
You can also receive an e-copy of this form by sending an email to this address: using this Subject ‘Request for Vendor Registration Form’. An auto responder will email this form to your inbox. Kindly print and complete the form as required and submit to the address listed below. You can also submit using any registered courier service.
Email submissions are NOT ALLOWED.
All submissions must be made with the following relevant documents:
The minimum Eligibility requirements are as follows:
(1) Cover Page (indicating all the categories applying for)
(2) Company Profile; registered address(s), functional email and telephone numbers and point of contact for the company;
(3) Evidence of legal registration document of the company (CAC, FORM C07 and FORM CO2);
(4) Tax Clearance Certificate for 2014, 2015 and 2016;
(5) Evidence of Tax Identification Number;
(6) Evidence of Financial Capability (Audited Accounts for the last 3 years and Bank Reference Letter duly addressed to AHNi);
(7) Evident of Registration with Professional Organizations, Bodies, Regulators, Manufacturers, Certificate of Authorized dealership/Distributorship with Make/Brand, Equipment and Machine or accessories as it relates to field of business enterprise(s).
(8) Evidence of possession of experience in the field of Business applying for; Service Providers must provide at least 5 copies of Job Orders and Proof of deliveries
(9) At least 5 Reference letters from other organizations, preferably NGOs attesting to active or past business relationship and level of Performance (the letters must have relevant contact persons, telephone numbers and emails)
(10) Other relevant supporting document that will aid your expression of interest

The hardcopies of the EOI document should be sealed in an envelope marked on the top right side with Category Reference Number and Category Description. Example “EOIAHNi0l-MEDICAL/LABORATORY CONSUMABLES. All quotation should be addressed to:
“The Procurement Committee”
Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNi),
3rd Floor, Coscharis Plaza, Plot 1070,
Faskari Street, Area 3, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.

AHNI is Value Added Tax (VAT) exempted, but charges WHT (Withholding Tax) in compliance with relevant Nigeria TAX Laws.
For clarification on any aspect of this EOI advert, please send an email to: eoiprocurement@ahnigeria.orgquoting “Expression of Interest/Vendor Registration” as the subject of the email. Kindly quote the Reference Number for specific details about a good/service category(s)
As part of the prequalification process, AHNi may visit the location(s) of the Service Providers to assess their physical presence and capacity. Only Service Providers that are pre-qualified successfully would be invited to participate in AHNi’s routine Solicitation for Quotation, Invitation to Bid and/or Request for Proposals for the next one (1) year.
Service Providers in locations of operational presence listed above are encourage to participate.
Any unsolicited attempt to influence AHNi internal selection process in favour of a Service Provider(s) will result in the immediate disqualification.
AHNi Procurement unit consider Service Provider’s qualification, capacity and/or experience in a good/service area and previous performance when preparing a list of invitees to bid for a particular good or service category.
A company can express interest in more than one category as long as it is guided by the following: (a) must have operational presence for such expressed category, (b) must actively operate such business, (c) individual business are expressed as a separate entity with full documentation and requirement that will make it eligible.

All EOI document must be delivered on or before 5:00pm local time on Thursday 28th September, 2017. AHNi reserves the right to reject any submission after this date and time.

This call for Expression of Interest does not amount to a commitment on the part of AHNi and nothing in this EOI shall be construed as a form of binding legal contract. AHNi reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the proposals without any obligation to inform the affected applicants of the ground for the acceptance or rejection. The potential subsequent procurement will be governed by AHNi’s Procurement Policy and Procedures.



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