THE ASSOCIATION FOR REPRODUCTIVE AND FAMILY HEALTH (ARFH) in collaboration with National Tuberculosis and Leprosy & Buruli Ulcer Control Programme is pleased to announce a request for a survey consultancy organization to provide the technical leader for the conduct of the National Tuberculosis Knowledge, Attitude and Knowledge (KAP) survey on the Global Fund supported Tuberculosis Grant.
This is a cross- sectional descriptive study design employing both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, with an objective to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice level of the study population regarding Tuberculosis as compared to the result of the 2012 baseline. The study will be conducted in 12 states across the six geo-political zones; Ondo and Lagos (South West), Benue and Plateau (North Central), Akwa-Ibom and Delta (South South), Katsina and Kaduna (North West), Ebonyi and Imo (South East), and Gombe and Adamawa (North East). The result of this study will inform appropriate and evidence-based programming that will further enhance the effectiveness of the national TB control efforts.

The Survey Consultancy organization required to coordinate and manage the survey implementation should be responsible for the following:
Oversee the overall conduct of the survey having obtained ethical approval from NHREC to final survey dissemination. This will include: (i) Finalization of survey data collection tools bearing in mind the Nigerian context (ii) Coordinate survey data management processes (iii) Recruitment of supervisors and field data collectors (iv) Pilot survey (v) Training of supervisors and filed data collectors (vi) Monitoring of field data collection (vii) Data analysis and report writing (viii) Dissemination of findings to stakeholders including article publication in peer review journals
(i) The survey consultancy will work under the direct supervision of the Principal Investigator (NTBLCP) and Co-Principal Investigator (ARFH).
(ii) Provide regular progress report and advise the National Steering Committee on measures to improve efficiency in the conduct of survey
(iii) Provide a summary of key findings and actionable points for policy decision and program implementation
(iv) Promote and facilitate transfer of technical capacity to National Survey Technical committee members during the conduct of the survey. Consultant must demonstrate competency in supporting country’s research capacity and/or data use.
(v) Must ensure strict compliance with the ethics code of conduct stipulated by NHREC, FMOH.
(vi) Make presentations to relevant stakeholders at various stages and milestones achievement of the survey

Eligible organization must be registered and domiciled in Nigeria. Must have excellent track record in conducting similar national surveys in Nigeria. Previous experience in TB KAP survey will be an added advantage.

Prospective consultants shall ensure their proposals include the following. Please read carefully:
(1) Cover Page
Please include the following information only: (i) Title of proposal – “National TB Study – Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Survey in Nigeria”, (ii) Full name of organization (iii) Mailing address of organization (must be in Nigeria); (iv) Valid and working phone number(s) of organization; (v) Name of organization’s representative and his/her title (vi) Email address and phone number(s) of the representative
(2) Proposal Narrative:
(i) Proposal narrative must not exceed 3 pages, single-spaced (relevant staff CVs, and budget are not included in this page limit). This should entail information on organization’s competency, understanding of the survey and how the organization proposes to implement the survey.
(ii) Include a workplan (i.e., timeline) of all activities and your proposed methods of monitoring the implementation of the activities.
(iii) Provide a detailed description of all work to be completed.
(iv) Any other relevant information, such as anticipated challenges to implementation and how those challenges will be addressed, are acceptable if space permits.
(3) Organizational Capability/Past Performance
(i) Submit brief descriptions of existing or recent similar stud(ies) that the organization has conducted, as well as how well the results were accepted by the client(s). Please list the client, and dates of the stud(ies) for each study. Maximum of 2 pages, single-spaced, with one inch margins.
(4) Proof of Legal Registration to Conduct Research In Nigeria
(i) Submit a legible copy of proof of organization’s legal registration in Nigeria including
(a) Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation/CAC by inclusion of Article of Association;
(b) Evidence of registration as a corporate entity with relevant professional bodies;
(c) Evidence of Tax payment for the past 3 consecutive years and VAT registration & proof of past remittances;
(d) Evidence of Compliance with the provision of the Pension Reform Act 2004 as contained in Section 16 (6d) of the Public Procurement Act 2007.
(5) Organizational References
(i) List at least two references for the organization. References must be clients for which the organization has conducted work in the past 7 years. More references are acceptable if they are relevant. Please briefly describe the work completed for each reference and the dates.
(ii) Include the full name, valid email address, valid phone number, and any other contact information for each reference.
(6) CVs for all key personnel in the proposal. A description of the roles and responsibility of the personnel in this survey.
(7) Copies of Nigeria Health Research Ethics Certificate for participating research team. This should include CITI certificate for obtaining informed consent from study participants.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply and submit applications not later than 29th September, 2017. Applications received after this date will not be accepted. Only successful candidates will be notified of the outcome by the third week in October, 2017. Only electronic applications are allowed for this job advert. Send all applications to: All applications should be addressed to: Head, Monitoring & Evaluation, Association for Reproductive and Family Health.

NOTE: No submission will be accepted after the closing date. No physical submission will be accepted.



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